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The latest MPO Series by Sanwa offers unmatched high-precision optical performance and stability ensuring the highest level of product quality.

General Details

MPO Series

The Sanwa MPO Connector Series adds the latest in MPO technology to our broad line of passive fiber optic components. Whether you need ferrules only, or an entire assembly in a 12-port model (24 and 48 port models coming soon), you can count on the quality and reliability of Sanwa MPO components.

Sanwa manufactures all MPO components in-house. Sanwa’s advanced manufacturing systems incorporate the latest in injection molding technology, along with fully state-of-the-art assembly and test procedures. With Sanwa, you can count on reliable delivery, and the highest level of product quality. In addition, because there are no other manufacturers involved in the Sanwa MPO system, custom requirements can be more readily met.


  • Ultra low insertion loss
  • High Density Solution
  • UL94 V-0 rated plastic housing and boots
  • Telcordia GR-1435-CORE Compliant
  • High performance in IL&RL
  • Environmentally stable and reliable
  • Compact design,8, 12, 24, 48 Fiber
  • Easier termination
  • Suitable for different type cable
  • 100% in-house tested
  • Polishing does not require diamond film
  • High mechanical and thermal resistance
  • RoHS compliant


  • 10G/40G/100G networks
  • Data center
  • Active optical cable
  • Parallel interconnection

<br>MPO-Elite® Connector’s housing are available in many colors such as Green(SingleMode), Beige(MultiMode OM2), Aqua (MultiMode OM3) and Yellow(SingleMode Low Loss). Ferrule available in 4, 8, 12, 24 and 48 fiber hole configuration.
Ferrules are available for SM Standard, SM Low Loss, MM Standard and MM Low Loss. Boots are available for Ribbon bare fiber, Ribbon jacket cable, Round jacket cable.
New special design for slot rear body can make assembly easier.

Techical Info

 MPO-Elite® Spec Sheet

Insertion Loss 0.25dB Typical 0.1dB Typical 0.20dB Typical
Return Loss ≥-60dB (8°Angle Polish) ≥-60dB (8°Angle Polish)  ≥-25dB
Durability ≥-25dB change 500 matings ≥-20dB change 1000 matings
Operating Temperature -40°C to +80°C



All Adapters meet the challenges and mechanical requirements of highly dense system designs while maintaining industry standard footprints.


  • Available in multiple flange styles to meet panel design requirements
  • Optional, internal, fully automatic shutter mechanisms on both sides of the adapter to assist in eye safety requirements
  • Shutter requires no manual actuation
  • Accepts industry standard MPO/MTP® interfaces
  • Flange on die-cast version completely covers panel cutout
  • Meet IEC 1754-7 and TIA/EIA FOCIS 5 standards


MT Ferrules

Parameters MM MT Elite®
Multimode MT Ferrule
Multimode MT Ferrule
SM MT Elite®
Single-mode MT Ferrule
Single-mode MT Ferrule
Insertion Loss 0.1dB Typical (All Fibers)
0.35dB Maximum (Single Fiber)B,C
0.20dB Typical (All Fibers)
0.60dB Maximum (Single Fiber)B,C
0.10dB Typical (All Fibers)
0.35dB Maximum (Single Fiber)A,D
0.25dB Typical (All Fibers)
0.75dB Maximum (Single Fiber)A
Return Loss
> 20dB > 20dB > 60dB (8° Angle Polish) > 60dB (8° Angle Polish)

A As tested per ANSI/EIA-455-171 Method D3
B As tested per ANSI/EIA-455-171 Method D1
C As tested with proposed encircled flux launch condition on 50um fiber and 850nm per IEC 61280-4-1
D Compliant with proposed IEC 61755-3-31/GRADE B

Specifications may change without notice. Display Product Photos Shown are samples for viewing, not actual products.Colours and styles may vary.

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