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Active Copper Cables (ACC)

High performance and cost effective Active Copper Cables (AAC) are built utilizing our innovative COB technology. Designed for use in current and next-generation datacenters, these reliable and robust cables support high speed 25Gb/s and 100 Gb/s bit rates with cable lengths up to 9m. Broadex offers AACs with several breakout options to convert from a single high-speed port to 2 or 4 lower speed ports.


  • SFP28 and QSFP28 MSA form factor
  • Digital diagnostics functions are available via the I2C interface
  • Single 3.3V Power Supply,0°C to 70°C Commercial
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3, RoHS, Class 1 laser safety certified by TUV/UL/FDA


  • Data Centers and other communication environments.