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Used in In-line Power Control in Multi-channel Optically Amplified System, Transmitter Power Equalization and Laboratory R&D

General Details


  • Low insertion loss & PDL
  • high stability
  • High Resolution


Mini Type Manual variable Attenuator (MVOA) operates by manually moving a shading element into optical beam. The shading elementcan be integrating adjusted to get any attenuation value in a range. MVOA features low insertion loss, good resolution, high stability and good reliability. It is applied for pre-emphasis attenuation, transmitter power control, in-line power equalization, and amplifier power control.

Note:Package type P1&P3 is designed for 250um or 900um fiber jacket – Package type P2&P4 is designed for 2mm or 3mm fiber jacket.

Techical Info

Mini Manual VOA

Parameters VALUE UNIT
Center Wavelength (λc) 780 or 850 980 or 1064 nm
Operating Wavelength Range ± 10 ± 20 nm
Max. Excess Loss 1.0 0.6 dB
Max. WDL, 23C°, minimum attenuation 0.3 dB
Min. Attenuation Range 30 dB
Resolution within 10dB Attenuation Range 0.1 dB
Min. Extinction Ratio (for PM fiber type) 20 dB
Max. PDL (for SM fiber type), 23C°, λc, minimum attenuation 0.05 dB
Max. TDL at attenuation range, λc** 0.01 dB/°C
Min. Return Loss (for SM or PM fiber) 50 dB
Min. Return Loss (for MM fiber) 25 dB
Max. Optical Power (Continuous Wave) 300 mW
Storage Temperature 0 ~ +70 °C
Operating Temperature -40 ~ + 85 °C

Note: *IL is 0.5 dB higher, RL is 5 dB lower, and ER is 2 dB lower for each connector added. TDL is exempted when attenuation value over 30dB.

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