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Sanwa’s LC Series delivers the highest optical performance with compact innovative engineering and new designs. We use the highest industry standards to meet and exceed our customers’ performance expectations.

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General Details


Sanwa offers a full range of LC simplex connectors, including single mode, multimode and APC type for 0.9m, 2.0mm and 3.0mm boot connectors. All are designed, developed, and manufactured based on the LC technical transfer agreement with OFS. Unlike other single-fiber optical connector solutions, Sanwa LC connectors enable the most compact packaging, and are fully compliant to TIA/EIA and IEC standards. The LC Simplex’s pre-assembled form shortens production time, making it simple, convenient, and cost-effective to implement.


  • SM, MM and APC
  • Behind the wall 0.9mm, Jumper and cordage 2.0mm 3.0mm
  • Heat shrink tube type for 2.0mm and eyelet/ crimp sleeve type for 3.0mm
  • Various color of housing/boot option
  • Flammability rating; UL 94V-0
  • TIA/EIA, IEC and Telcordia compliance
  • Meets with RoHS and REACH


The Sanwa LC Duplex connector series covers the full range of duplex specifications under LC technical transfer, and includes the LC mini (5.25mm optical pitch) duplex connector series.

The unique duplex clip design allows reverse polarity even after completion of the assembly. Sanwa LC Duplex connectors are available for 0.9mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm outer diameter cable and single mode, multimode, and APC applications.

Sanwa LC Duplex connectors are small form factor (SFF), utilizing 1.25mm diameter optical ferrules, in contrast to the SC Series, which use 2.5mm diameter ferrules. As a result, the LC Series offers high-density packaging and high optical performance.


As the most compact of their kind in the industry, Sanwa LC Uniboot connectors are available in single, multimode, and APC applications. The extended longer latch on top of the connector body makes it easier to disengage from the adapter, even in high-density packaging.

Techical Info

LC Connectors Spec Sheet

Specification Singlemode Multimode
Ferrule Inner Diameter
(Available in custom ID sizes)
125µm +1/-0 Concentricity: ≤ 1µm
125.5µm +1/-0 Concentricity: ≤ 1µm
126µm +1/-0 Concentricity: ≤ 1µm
Insertion Loss High Spec Connector UPC 0.07dB Typical 0.20dB Typical
High Spec Connector APC 0.10dB Typical
High Spec Connector MM 0.12dB
Standard Connector 0.10dB Typical 0.16dB
Elite Con. Ultra Low loss 0.05dB Typical
Elite Con. APC Ultra Low loss 0.08dB Typical 0.20dB Typical
Return Loss ≥-55dB Typical for singlemode PC
≥ -65dB Typical for singlemode APC
Durability < 0.1dB Typical change, 500 matings
Operating Temperature -40°C to +75°C

SANWA Technologies offers both 17mm and 19mm mini boots for LC 2mm Connectors.

Specifications may change without notice. Display Product Photos Shown are samples for viewing, not actual products.Colours and styles may vary.

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